Welcome to The Yoga Nest !

Why pre-natal yoga?
Being pregnant is like training for a marathon!  It requires great endurance, energy, mental and physical strength, and an incredible sense of calm.  All of these qualities can be harnessed through a consistent yoga practice.  Practicing yoga with other moms-to-be gives you a chance to connect with people in your community, talk about your experiences and anxieties, while building strength and stamina in a program that's designed for pregnancy. Our classes are developed for all levels of fitness - newcomers to advanced yogis will find a class type that suits their needs.  All prenatal classes will begin with a 15 minute open discussion, and any aches and pains that are present will be addressed in class.

Why post-natal yoga?
After the rigors of childbirth and the enormous changes that the body encounters, yoga can help you to rebuild your core muscles that were used and abused along the way.  Aches and pains associated with lifting a newborn can be alleviated by strengthening key body parts, while most new moms will find some 'quiet space' the most beneficial part of yoga post-pregnancy! 

Here at the Yoga Nest, we have postnatal classes designed for mom and baby, or for mom only.

Why family yoga? 
Because it's fun!!!  Children love a challenge, and to explore new concepts through movement and play with their siblings and parents.  Our classes are built on the basis that you're never too young to enjoy yoga.  The lifelong benefits can be gained at an early age, and what better place to start than at the Yoga Nest?

Also available at the Nest: 
Private sessions, baby showers, birthday parties and more!  

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